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SIMPLE or COMPLEX PARTY .... that makes it UNIQUE .!
Fairytale innovates in 3 key elements:
*Your party is exclusive - privet (all our spaces, just for you and your guests.)
*The party can be simple, with just a game or complex with the addition of Shows.
A key and essential spectacle is the Theatrical Cutting of the Cake performed by the celebratory child in a short 7-minute skit
in combination with the cutting of the cake, the coronation, with a gift of a luxurious crown and dancing at the disco.
1 one or 2 two can be added, our additional SHOW from the available assets of 18 different shows lasting from 10-25'.
with different themes and different ages (go to see them in detail in the shows category.
All our parties are 2.5 hours and can be made up to 3 hours for a small charge.
You shape the party with whatever you want to be offered to your child and your guests.
The food for the children and the attendants comes from 3 catering companies that we work with.
The place is safe (EBETAM certification), spotlessly clean, and all health protocols are followed. Our space is at your disposal for an on-site inspection, by appointment.
The minimum number for organizing your party is 10 children and 10 chaperones.
and the upper number is : 40 children and 50 companions on 2 levels.
The escorts stay on the ground floor (modern style) and the shows on the upper level (historical medieval style)
See below the prices that include the corresponding VAT.
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What people say about us?

As always you are top in party quality & value all children. !!

Congratulations 7 consecutive parties for my 2 children.

It was magical exactly as it was 10 years ago,

with our first child ... ARIS M.

We have no words ....

The party of our little Stratis was actually much more than what we anticipated when you first presented us your services. You are all courteous and very cooperative. All of us, kids and parents alike experienced a true fairy tale and one of the most special parties of our lives. Our little children were overwhelmed and everyone was excited. Thank you for everything.

The parties at Paramythi playground are magical

There is no other place with such shows, service and quality. Children feel and are the protagonists!

Everything was great, very nice environment, impeccable service

Smiling faces and courtesy above all, thank you.

Nice place

People with fantasy and smile !!! Everything was excellent! Thank you very much!