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Welcome to Fairy Tale

Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for your visit to the fairy tale.Browse through the website and through the alternative activities offered by our site you will discover the innovative difference that we have with the other places that offer fun for the child in Athens.
We are the only place around the world that offers a high standard of entertainment for children's parties, events and services in general,are characterized as qualitative with a sense of Love and Respect that we have for the child.
We wish you a good trip.
Note:This site is friendly and easy to use for the child. Check with her.

Our story ...

"Fairy tale"
An alternative proposal that did not happen accidentally in our lives ....In 1981-1982 I completed and completed my education as a Teammaster - Head of a School of the Ministry of Education. I worked in camps for two summers.
My main occupation, for which I worked for several years, was a microbiologist assistant. In 1991 & 1992 I acquired my two children and at the same time I worked on sales.
In 1997 I traveled to America and there I visited Disney's Orlando.This was the trigger for the first internal concern-search.
On June 1, 1999 (18 years ago) I was given the opportunity to extort this "creative child" (which was hiding well in me!), Combined with the energy and enthusiasm that sets it and made the first for the time Its theme playground with its main feature of a timeless castle! In 2001, with the help of the pedagogues working on the Fairy Tale, we created with love, tenderness and emphasis on CHILDREN, small theatrical singles, which we have been presenting since then at our parties and events.Searches, differentiations and impressive results have not ceased to be our main priority.
Business trips in Europe and America and the collection of ideas through watching shows in the larger parks helped us to create 25 theatrical performances that anyone can join at his party or attend our seasonal events.In these 18 years, we have received over 200,000 children and we have organized around 5000 parties and 90 corporate events with visitors from all over Athens.
So, on the occasion of the above description, I would like to personally thank all the parents who honored and supported us with their presence all these years.Be assured how the appreciation for your support is unlimited and therefore unchangeable, the continuing preservation of the quality of the services we offer, ie a clean, healthy prototype and safe space, the "Fairytale".
Today 2017 with the great experience we have gained and the completion of the technical infrastructure you require, we are ready for our development through franchise.

Yours sincerely
Yannis Kyriakides

What do we offer?

In the Fairy Tale, guests visiting pay no entrance, and are not required to consume anything from our canteen. Once you sit down at your table, we will offer you 1 saucer with caramel popcorn, a glass of refreshed water and your child's juice, which also renews.The music of the site is Greek art and foreign ethnicity.The time of stay is free, there is no time limitation. For children, we offer unlimited orange juice, a balloon, which takes it away, and the game teacher to supervise and engage with toys collectively when his age allows. Entry pays, every child who is in the play area and walks.No admission to children over 10 years of age (fourth and upper)In our premises we do not allow the consumption of items that are not available from our own canteen or the associated catering.
Entry Fee - Offers.
Entrance for one child and once for 5.50 €.
The 2 children siblings are formed at 10.00 € instead of 11.00 € and we offer juice, balloon & membership card.
Entrance for a child and 2 times 8,00 €.(1 entrance from Monday to Thursday and 1 entrance from Monday to Sunday without a time limit), the 2 children siblings are formed at 15,00 € instead of 16,00 €. For the first of the two entrances, besides the offered, membership card, juice, balloon, we give each child a mini ham cheese sandwich.
Entry for one child and 3 times 10.00.(2 entries from Monday to Thursday & 1 entry from Monday to Sunday without a time limit), member card, juice, balloon.
Large families, those of three children and above, only pay for the two children. That is, a family with four children will pay only two.

VIDEO of our sites

A timeless castle in N. Ionia, Attica

Click on a photo and press left to right to see them all.

Free Visit

Fill in your details and we will electronically send you the Entry Card. Free entry is valid from Monday to Friday without any time limit and for once. Includes free play time, unlimited juice, a balloon, and membership card.

Free visit form

How do I win the party?

Ladies and Gentlemen, Fairy tale is pleased to offer a child "FREE" for free.
How does the contest take place?
On this page at the end there is a form that you have to fill in with your details (Name, Surname, Mobile, E-mail). There are 3 icons: Facebook. Google+ & Twitter. For each click on a social of the above, with a notification on your wall, you will have one participation in the contest if you do in 2 clicks (notifications) that is Facebook. you have 2 entries. And if you make three clicks (notifications), namely Facebook Google plus and Twitter then you will have three entries.
After you share the photo from the fairy tale to participate in the contest. You need to fill in the corresponding icon that you click on your user name so that we can confirm your participation. If you do not write it, your participation is invalid.
The contest ends on 31 December 2017, the draw will take place until January 10, 2018. You will be informed by posting the top social. The winner will be informed by e-mail and by phone. A prerequisite is that entries are cumulative and cumulative at least 300. If this number is not reached then the contest will be extended & will expire as soon as the 300 entries are completed.
Information about the Winner - Party.
This party can be held from Monday to Sunday is valid for the whole of 2018 & it belongs to the offer packages "with 199,00 €.This package is for 10 children and 15 Escorts (full - you can see it in detail in our offer in the category of parties). Of course the above amount of 199.00 € can be used, for parties with different options in the room and in people. The amount of 199.00 € will be considered a down payment (Example you have 20 children and 20 grand and you want to party in the upper hall and your party will eventually cost € 389.00) the amount of 199.00 € will be deducted from the final amount of € 389.00 and you will pay the difference. The winning parent can not transfer the party to another child.

Contest participation

It was all great, very nice environment, impeccable service

Smiling faces and courtesy above all, thank you.

That best we have seen at a kids` party

thanks for all

It was magical again like 10 years ago,

To our first child ... ARIS M.

I threw myself into a sea of happiness through my daughter`s surprised eyes

I danced, I played, I sang, I saw happily smiling children`s faces. I came out of the burdens to make my daughter`s birthday in particular and eventually I succeeded in giving my daughter the smoother piece of PZL of her life

As always steady in the quality of the party & in the value of the child. !!

Congratulations 7 consecutive parties to my 2 children.

It was fantastic, special, the best.

Themistocles` friends left excited, asking their parents to do their party here. The venue is also special and different from the usual staff wonderful, they deal with children with various games and activities. It was great for you.

We passed very beautiful. The event

we were excited. Small and large we enjoyed it Thank you very much.

Very interesting feast with kind and willing staff

An imaginative celebration that lasts for a long time.

Thank you very much for your wonderful service and your courtesy !!!

We will definitely make our birthday again. Be always as good as a team to be so effective.

I had a good time.! thanks for all.!

It was as we agreed. See you.

The first time in Athens was to celebrate my son`s birthday.

I really liked that there was a girl to care about and to be next to our children. Also great surprise is the frame with the handwritten illuminated wishes. Very impressive. I thank you all because this day was emotionally charged and for a while I was forgotten.

We have no words ....

The party of our little Straw was really much more than we imagined that would happen when you presented us the day we booked our party here in the fairy tale. You are all courteous and very cooperative. All young and old have experienced the most fairy-tale and special part of our lives. Our little children were overwhelmed and everyone was excited. Thank you for everything.

From such wonderful People

we would not expect anything less that everything our daughter lived, it was taken out of your souls, your infinite love for your children and your kindness. Let God give you strength to continue your work

The party of Alexander

It will be unforgettable to us and our guests. It was more than wonderful! Congratulations on professionalism, cleanliness, food and shows. We`ll tell you the time!

Nice place

People with fantasy and smile !!! Thank you very much!

The parties at Paramythi are magical

There are no other such shows, the service, the quality of the space. Children feel and are the protagonists!

Once again we thank you very much

For the seventh consecutive year, we come from Aulida to celebrate the birthday of our child. This is what you offer to our children priceless !!! We passed all wonderful small and big !! We will definitely be back! You are the best!!!

The play in action

There is always a teacher in the playground, and depending on the number of children and the relevant pedagogues. Our educators are trained to properly supervise children in the field of play and to engage children with group games. Group games are based on the age of the children.